Does my site support Right to Left?

Probably not. Not to judge you, specifically, of course - but that's just the reality of the web. Most website don't have proper right-to-left support, and only few even try. But there are many reasons why you should consider right-to-left support, despite how challenging it may be.

Testing for real right-to-left and language support is, of course, a lot more complicated than a series of automated tests. The best way to verify that your site supports right-to-left is to let right-to-left users use it and to listen to their inputs.

The purpose of this analysis tool is not to tell you whether your site is working in right to left (we can't really know) -- it's to point out potential issues you should beware of when designing for internationalization in mind.

What do you look for?

The tests in this tool are trying to identify a couple of areas where right-to-left support may be challenging, or require extra care.

  • Searching for the existence of 'dir' attribute in html and body tags
  • Searching stylesheets for:
    • The existence direction: style attributes
    • The existence of float rules
    • The existence of explicit positioning, like 'right' or 'left' values

Think there's a missing test or analysis? Please suggest it!

COMING SOON is a full explanation about what the tests mean and how they are counted. (Please be patient, it's coming!)

Test your site!

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